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Youth Visit to Parliament House – Canberra and civic participation

SydWest’s Youth Team recently visited Canberra with a group of 26 young people from refugee backgrounds for a trip to both Old and New Parliament House, and a chance to learn about how the Australian Government operates.

The Youth group toured the houses of parliament where their guide explained the architectural aspects of the buildings and environmental and other features of the new building, as well as visited where our sitting members undertake their everyday work.

The visit provided education to our youth on how law is made in Australia and a chance for them to ask many of the questions they had about how parliament operates (eg sitting time, question time, etc). The trip provided to be fascinating, interesting and enjoyable for our young new arrivals and hope it stimulates them to learn more – and possible consider a career in politics in the future!

SydWest Multicultural Services runs a comprehensive youth development program that aims to support young refugees and migrants to settle, engage and participate in Australian society. For more information on the many services and supports available through the SydWest Youth Team, contact us today or visit http://www.sydwestms.org.au/