Our mission, vision and core values

Our vision

Connecting cultures. Building community.

Our mission

Our mission as a leading community organisation is to contribute to building the social capacity of our diverse communities.

We strive to empower individuals of all cultures by offering person centred direct services, skills sharing and evidence based representation.

We focus on the vulnerable and the most in need across their life course.

Our values

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We commit to the mission and vision of the organisation. We take personal responsibility and initiative in delivering quality work and by respecting the process, we achieve the desired results.

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We commit to building constructive and positive working relationships with all stakeholders characterised by a high level of acceptance, cooperation and mutual respect.

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We commit to professionalism, best practice and innovation to create the best experience for our clients, allies and the communities in which we practice.

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We commit to trusting work practices and to a culture of honesty, ownership and engagement of our teams and performance.

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We commit to demonstrating a positive attitude in our relationships both internally and externally and in the implementation of positive change through a solutions based approach.