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Rachael* lands work experience opportunity to lead into employment

Rachael has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Rachael completed her participation in Backswing, a program that is designed to help people living with a disability increase their work readiness and employability skills.

Rachel has always wanted to have independence, wanting economic participation. However, with no prior work experience and feeling like her chair was a barrier to employment and being very shy, she found the process a huge challenge.

As a first step, SydWest staff worked with Rachael to help build up her confidence and provided her with the tools she needed to seek work experience. Rachael emailed disability organisations for work experience and after many knock backs, she was offered work experience with Diversity and Disability Alliance. 

This is a big achievement for Rachael, who at 32 felt like her life was not going to ever be different or change for the better. Through SydWest, Rachael was connected with a peer support buddy, who also has cerebal palsy and works at Diversity and Disability Alliance.

Rachael was so pleased with the support she received during and after her participation in Backswing, she has signed up with SydWest Disability services for support coordination, to assist her with her NDIS plan. SydWest will also continue supporting Rachael to explore independent living options and help her achieve her goals.

Find out more about the Backswing program here and SydWest’s other disability services here.

*Names have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.