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International Women's Day 2022

We are pleased to present our International Women’s Day event in 2022 with a spectacular lineup of strong, empowered women:

  • Amani Haydar, writer and artist and author of award-winning The Mother Wound
  • Rhiannon Wright, a proud Dharug woman who belongs to the Burubirangal people. She is the daughter of Leanne Mulgo Watson and the granddaughter of Dharug Elder Aunty Edna Watson.
  • Sarah Macdonald, ABC Radio Sydney presenter of Evenings and author of Holy Cow: an Indian adventure
  • Annalouise Paul an award-winning choreographer and performer and Flamenco Red with special guest musicians, Robert Varga and Byron Mark.
  • Subtle Mullets, a five-piece punk-rock band from Sydney’s inner west with lead vocals from Indigenous artist Jessie Waratah, bassist Hannah Cazar, drummer Miriam Sands, vocals/guitarist Adelaide Hayes and lead guitarist Evelyn Hayes.

Speaking to the theme #BreaktheBias this International Women’s Day, guest speaker Amani Haydar, addressed areas that pose as existing challenges today and how stereotypes can hinder quick recognition to prevent and overcome domestic violence. This also applies to stereotype profiling of victim survivors and perpetrators and how such bias operates against people – especially women from diverse backgrounds who do not have the resources to advocate effectively for themselves or receive adequate access to services.

SydWest Multicultural Services shared reviews of the National Draft Plan to end violence against women and children, advocating for consideration to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Whether deliberate or unconscious, stereotypes that shape bias in and around us when it comes to gender equality, domestic violence, the profile of victim survivors hinders justice. Culturally appropriate services are important in protecting and supporting victim survivors of domestic violence – this International Women’s Day, we reflect upon how culture and religious context needs to be considered.