Room Bookings Terms and Conditions

Rules and Conditions Applying to Sydwest Multicultural Services’ Facilities

1. Booking Requests: Only booking for which the application form has been completed and signed will be considered. Booking requests are accommodated and based on priority group and priority activities. Groups are not to use the premises or publicise the event until SydWest Multicultural Services staff has formally approved the application.

2. Facilities: The meeting rooms must only be used for the intended activities indicated on the application form. SydWest Multicultural Services’ meeting rooms may not be used for private or business purpose, for income generating activities that result in personal profit or for any illegal activities. Applicant must vacate premises at the end of their allocated time.

3. Damage of Venue: The Applicant shall be responsible for the cost of fixing any damage caused to the building, furniture and fittings arising out of and in the course of his /her engagement. Any damage must be reported as soon as possible. Where damage to furniture, equipment results from carelessness, the organisaton/group will be asked to reimburse SydWest Multicultural Services for cost of such damages.

4. Cleaning: The meeting rooms engaged must be left by the applicant in a clean condition. All tables must be left clean and tidy. All chairs must be appropriately stacked. Ensure that all lights and air conditioning is switched off at the end of activity. Ensure that SydWest Multicultural Services entrance doors are locked.

5. Payment Information:

  • Room booking fees of $20.00 plus GST per hour will apply.
  • A deposit of 50% of hire fees is to be paid on all bookings, if the full fee is not paid in advance on application. The deposit must be paid and the room booking application form lodged within 3 days after the initial, informal application for hire is made personally or by phone otherwise the booking will be cancelled.
  • A bond of $100.00 is payable at same time as deposit (Please note: the bond payable will be refunded as soon as practical after the date of hire).
  • If the room booking is cancelled the deposit will not be refunded unless the meeting room is re-booked by other organisation/group.

6. Child Protection Legislation:

  • The Applicant warrants to SydWest Multicultural Services that he/she has, or will, at all times that are relevant to this agreement comply with all of its obligations under the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and the Commission for Children and Young Act 1998 (both Acts thereinafter referred to collectively as ‘the Child Protection Legislation’) and, in particular, will comply with those obligations during the term of this agreement.
  • The applicant warrants that he/she is not a prohibited person within the meaning of the Child Protection Legislation
  • The applicant warrants that insofar as it is aware, none of its existing employees are prohibited persons within the meaning of the Child Protection Legislation
  • The Applicant warrants that he/she has obtained a prohibited persons declaration and has screened all of its current employees within the meaning of the Child Protection Legislation

7. Smoke/Alcohol: SydWest Multicultural Services premises are all smoke and alcohol free zones.

8. Noise: All noise must be kept to a minimum, to avoid any inconvenience caused to other applicants or neighbouring tenants.

9. Indemnity: The Applicant hereby grant SydWest Multicultural Services an indemnity from and against all claims, demands remedies, suits, injuries, damage, losses, costs, liabilities, actions, claims for compensation and the like for which SydWest Multicultural Services may be or may become liable in conjunction with injury, damage or accidental death through the applicants neglect or default or the neglect or default of any other person in connection with applicants use of the premises.

10. Safety: The Applicant has the responsibility of adhering to safety and emergency procedures as outlined during the orientation session. The emergency evacuation plan is displayed at each meeting room. The Applicant must notify SydWest Multicultural Services staff of all incidents involving safety and security.

11. Conduct: The Applicant may be required to share amenities with other groups due to multiple bookings. This will include toilets, tea room, corridors and all common spaces. The Applicant is responsible for the conduct of all people in attendance during the hire period and for the maintenance of good order generally. The Applicant is responsible for the behavior and quiet departure from SydWest Multicultural Services premises at the end of the hire period.

All groups will:

  • Demonstrate respect to other groups using SydWest Multicultural Services facilities throughout any communications;
  • Respect other groups’ privacy and dignity.
  • Refrain from any form of conduct in relation to other groups intended to cause any personal offence, embarrassment or injury. This includes intimidation, violent or threatening behavior, abuse, racism and homophobia.